This picture show that we write Thank You to Avery Breyer

This 1st post is a Big Thank You to Avery Breyer. As without her, Qumulonimbus would not exist. We always loved to create. Still, our works were limited to the universal mediums, like books, newsletters, and for some, their family blog.

Avery Breyer book changed our lives

The discovery of Avery book, Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine, completely changed our lives and visions. This book explains from A to Z what SEO writing is and how to start your own business quickly. So far, this book is probably the best book about SEO content and strategy.

The random Evergreen subjects challenge

When we decided to create this website some times ago, we wanted to make this blog our portfolio to give our prospective clients the chance to discover our work. Therefore, this idea led us to conclude that the best way to achieve that is to start with a list of random subjects. Indeed, what’s better than that to show our versatility and adaptability?

Open blog for newbie writers

Picture to illustrate a newbie writer

In the beginning, we have built our experience on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Considering the number of content writers on those platforms it’s a difficult task for newbies to get their first gigs. As a result, we decided to open our blog to the writers’ community, especially to the novice ones. Furthermore we will be more than happy to receive comments on our posts. If possible we’ll keep the comments section “do follow” website links, as long as the comments are interesting and constructive.

If you want to write a guest post, pick an Evergreen subject, write your 500 words article and send it to our email address. We will publish the text on our blog, let alone, if we like it, we might propose you to integrate our writer’s team.