Picture to illustrate Doha. It's a picture of Westbay area which is an nice area to Rent an Apartment in Doha

You are relocating to Qatar, or you’re at the end of your current leasing, and you want to move to a new apartment. As a result, you are looking to rent an apartment in Doha.

First of all, in Qatar, your chances of finding a rental property via the classified ads are near zero. In fact, the best way to find apartments for rent is to go through a real estate agent or via a property management company.

This article will guide you through the essentials you need to know before the 1st phone call to your realty agency.

Location, location, location

This is a picture of The Pearl, a nice place to Rent an apartment in Doho

The first thing your agent will ask you is in which area of Doha you want to rent. Therefore, It’s essential to have an idea where you want to live, as each neighbourhood has its specificity—The Pearl, Westbay, Lusail, to name a few.

If you have children, for example, what will determine your choice will be the distance to the school they are going to or the walking distance from the subway. Driving in Doha can be difficult, and you don’t want to spend hours in the daily traffic.

The number of rooms

Picture to illustrate the number of bedrooms in the apartment

The most common rental apartment floor plans in Doha are: studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, and three-bedroom apartment. Most of the three-bedroom offer a maid room, some two-bedroom also, but those items are rare and on high demand.

If you are more interested in a detached villa, you will find them midtown and rarely near the sea. Westbay lagoon being an exception, but the renting price is in consequence. As an excellent alternative to villas, you’ve got the option of a semi-detached townhouse, mostly available in Porto Arabia, overlooking the marina.

Also, depending on the property’s location, the living area can differ a lot.

Furnished or semi-furnished, this is the question to rent an apartment in Doha

To illustrate the chapter about appliances

There is two option mostly available in Doha, fully furnished units, and semi-furnished one. The term semi furnished can be misleading. What it means is that the rented apartments are unfurnished, but the rents include essential appliances like the washer and dryer machine, the dishwasher, the stove, and the fridge. In other words, the rented flat is empty with a furnished kitchen.

Usually the bedrooms in all properties are en-suite with their own bathrooms and walking closets.

The furnished apartments are usually of good quality. The advantage is that you can check-in in the place, like in a hotel room. Speaking about hotels, a lot of them offer serviced apartments; they are a bit more expensive, but the all-inclusive package they offer is worth it, especially for short-term housing.

In the last few years, Doha has witnessed the arrival of low-cost furniture shops, like Ikea and Home center. Furnishing your place to live is now a good, affordable option, especially if you plan to stay in Doha long term.

What is your budget?

To illustrate the amount to pay to rent an apartment in Doha

This question will help the agent do your consultation and narrow his offer to fit your needs. It is essential to be realistic to avoid any disappointments. A three-bedroom apartment with a balcony on The Pearl at 9000 QAR a month. That doesn’t exist.

The renting prices in Doha are of the highest in the world. Customarily, on the coast area, you might find a studio or a one-bedroom apartment below 10000 QAR. For two-bedroom apartments, you should count on a budget between 10000 to 15000 QAR. Three bedroom apartments are between 15000 and 20000QAR. You can also find luxury apartments way above 20000 QAR; for example, there is some exclusive penthouse and top-floor duplex.

An excellent way to have an idea of the prices is to browse through the agency’s apartment listings or to use the property finder website.

Know the process and be ready to rent your apartment in Doha

The renting process for every single property around Doha is the same.

  • To reserve the property, you will need to provide your Qatari ID and a non-refundable deposit fee (deducted from the 1st month of rent or the agency fees).
  • Once you sign the contract, you give 12 post-dated cheques and one monthly rent security deposit. You get the security back at the end of the lease.
  • There is a split for the agency fees between the landlords and the tenants. So the renters will have to pay the equivalent of half a month’s rent. Remember that the agent who provides you the quality service will spend much time finding and offering you what will fit you.
  • Once in the apartment, in most of the contracts, you are responsible for paying for utilities and for connecting the property with services providers. Like, Kahraama for the electricity, QatarCool for the air conditioning, and Oredoo or Vodafone for the internet.

The Pearl Gates, May I assist you in your apartment hunting?