You have some free time, and you have decided to organize your tools and to clear the clutter from your workshop.

Picture to illustrate organize your tools

In this article, you will find some organization tips that might help you with tidying up your workspace.

Do an inventory of your tools

The first of the organizing tips is to make a list of all the tools you have. The best way to do that is by sorting them all one by one on large towels on the floor. You might take this opportunity to clean them and throw out the broken ones.

Once you’ve finished with the inventory, you can group them by categories, such as hand tools, power tools, heavy-duty tools, garden tools, etc. Then put aside those that you don’t often use, like the seasonal ones or the ones for specific jobs. Furthermore, you can use a color code for each category of tools.

The storing space is the key to organize your tools

Now that you have sorted out your tools, you want to get organized with your working space.

A workbench with storage cabinets is an obligation. Many workbenches are available in hardware stores, but the must is to build one yourself. It gives the option to customize the storage space exactly as you want.

Picture to illustrate to use a wall for tools storage

You can also use the wall behind your bench as wall storage; the idea is to have every tool in plain view and readily available. You can arrange it with shelves, racks, hooks, and hangers.

Keep the power tools mobile

Mobile carts are excellent storage solutions for the power tools that are heavy and bulky. In other words, you leave them inside the cart and move it around when you need them.

Also, keep a small space on this bench for the tools powered by batteries as you can move it near a socket to charge them.

Store the tools you don’t need

Toss the tools you don’t need in a storage cabinet, but make sure to order them clearly. To simplify the storage solution, use see-through plastic bins clearly labeled. Moreover, it will encourage you to keep the closets tidy as it’s easy to put the tool back at its correct place when you don’t need it anymore.

Use Mason jars

Getting organized is crucial for all the small items like screws, bolts, and nails.

Clear mason jars, cans, or pots do well for ordering small parts, but you need to make sure that those containers have lids and don’t block your working space. 

Create your concept to organize your tools

It’s important to remember that you’re the organizer who has to decide how to get organized. There is no perfect way to accomplish that. It depends on your character and for you to feel comfortable with it. 

Undoubtedly, this article provided you some valuable organizing ideas to consider to simplify your life. You’ve already a few makeover plans bouncing around in your head, so don’t waste time and put them to work.

And please remember to relax as it’s your place and your time!