You just came back home from the kennel with a new member of the family. Everyone is excited, especially the new puppy. The chances are that within the first five minutes that you remove his leash, he will urinate on the carpet or the sofa, bump into a vase, and be chewing on the phone chord. You just realized that you’d need to train your puppy.

White puppy to illustrate how to train your puppy

Obedience puppy training is essential for an easy cohabitation with your pup. This post will help by giving you some dog training tips.

How to teach your dog his name?

Whatever puppies training methods you use, positive reinforcement, clicker training, or obedience training, to name a few. The first thing you have to do is choose a canine name for your new dog. Most importantly, you need to teach him. Dog owners love to use different nicknames for their pups, but when training your puppy, try to avoid doing that and sticks to one name.

Child training her puppy

To teach your dog his name, wait that he is not looking at you and calmly but firmly call his name, when he turns towards you, praise him by telling him he’s a good dog. Affection is enough, but if you really want to reinforce the teaching, you can give him a treat.

House train your puppy

House training is probably the essential dog behavior you want your dog to acquire. The training process is relatively easy, but you need a lot of patience to be successful.

Dog being house train

Some dog trainers recommend to start with crate training, but it’s mostly a solution to avoid accidents. It just delays the real practice and might teach bad habits. On the subject of accidents, punishment like” to put his nose in his poop” is not a good idea. A dog is not able to understand it, and it’s counterproductive.

Remember that the bladder of a puppy is tiny, so you want to allow him to relieve himself outside every twenty to thirty minutes or when he shows signs that he needs to. Furthermore, when outside, always keep him in the same area as the smell will help the pup remember what he has to do. During potty training, supervise your puppy and make sure he’s not left alone. Congratulate him on his good behavior when done.

Dog obedience training

There are many training techniques for puppy socialization. Socialization training is mostly to train a puppy to obey and stop bad behavior like barking, biting, or jump-up. The positive reinforcement method is the most efficient to train your dog obedience.

Dog with a leash to illustrate obedience training

The five basic obedience commands help you to have a well-behaved puppy able to go out off-leash. Sit, give the paw, stay, come, and lie down are easy to train instructions. To teach them, show the expected behavior with a treat in your hand. For example, for doggy to sit down, raise your hand with the treat above your head and say sit when he is seated congratulate him and give him the gift. The most challenging order for dogs is to lie down because their instinct knows that it’s a submissive position.

You’re ready to train your puppy

Those puppy training tips should give you an excellent start to have a well-trained dog. One last tip put the time you spent at the veterinarian for the puppy vaccinations to good use. Ask the vet a lot of questions; usually, they’ve got more general and out of the box views about training puppies than a dog trainer.

White puppy on the shoulder of his owner

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