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You can’t fall asleep, you’re tossing and turning in your bed, and the clock is running. Meanwhile, you’re becoming anxious as your dreams of falling asleep fast evaporate; you already know that you’re in for a restless night. 

The good news is that sleeplessness is a state of mind. Therefore, with the few tricks in this article, you can easily change your sleeping habits and enjoy every night to get to sleep at your bedtime. 

Make your bed your temple

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Your bed should be your place. Besides, being cozy and comfortable, it must be a place where you enjoy to go to sleep. You can pimp it out, by example, with fluffy pillows, smooth sheets, and a mattress topper.

The sunlight or a bright light reduces the level of Melatonin in your body and disturb your sleep cycle. Therefore, you will make sure that your bedroom is quiet and completely dark, especially if you like napping during the daytime.

Don’t think about falling asleep fast before bedtime

The worst thing you can do to yourself is worrying about having trouble falling asleep and if you’ll have enough sleep before waking up.

Eventually, some sleep will come. Even poor sleep is better than no sleep at all; your body clock knows best how to cope with sleep deprivation. As long for sure, that it’s not recurrent sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleepwalking, or narcolepsy, which require the help of a sleep specialist.

So, if you don’t fall asleep straight from the moment you go to bed, it’s no big deal, relax and focus on the comfortable feeling of your bed and the chance that you have to spend the next eight hours in it. Even if you are awake for some time or wake up in the middle of the night, there are worst places to be. 

Meditation and relaxation are the keys

Often you can’t sleep because too many worries are stimulating your brain. As a result, you keep thinking about them, as hard as you try calming those thoughts, they’re coming back. Therefore, your sleep hygiene needs you to relax. 

Picture to illustrate falling asleep fast

The best way to improve sleep is to add practicing meditation in your bedtime routine; even 5 or 10 minutes is enough for soothing your brain.

The practice is straightforward; you need to deep breathing and focus on the rhythm of it. Each time your mind wanders with thoughts, gently bring it back to your point of focus. Quickly you’ll feel ready for a restful sleep through the night. 

Falling asleep fast is a state of mind

You’ll often receive advice on what not to do hours before bedtime. No caffeine, no nicotine, not watching TV, no stimulants of any kind… Indeed, all those not to do’s are sound advice for a good sleep, but if you are in the correct mindset, you will have a peaceful sleep no matter what.

So to resume. Arrange your bed and your bedroom as your comfortable nest. Meditate 5 minutes to empty your mind, and once tucked in, focus yourself on how agreeable is your couch and how lucky you are to spend the next nine hours in it. 

If you follow those healthy sleep habits, you’ll soon enjoy a good night’s sleep, and you’ll wake up in the morning well-rested, refreshed, and ready for a beautiful day.


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Cesar · July 13, 2020 at 5:25 PM

Thank you for this, it really helped with my sleep deprivation.

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