You have many negative thoughts lately, and you’re feeling down with negativity about the current situation. But, if you stay optimist can’t you find a few positive things about the Covid19 pandemic?

Positive thinking to illustrate a few positive things about Covid19 pandemic

Let’s explore the current situation with a positive attitude, and let’s see if you can find some positive points. Well, if in the worst case you can’t find any and still see the glass half-empty, the few minutes spent reading this article will entertain you and hopefully put a smile on your face.

The best of the positive things about Covid19

The Democrats have tried every trick to get rid of him, collusion with Russia, extramarital stories, and even the impeachment, but they have not been successful. However, there’s a good chance that this crisis is the final push needed to get Donald Trump out of the White House. Nobody knows if Bidden will be a better president, but he can’t be worst. ( I hope I will not have to update the text after the 3rd of November)

To illustrate Donald Trump as the wrong leader.

Speaking of politics, you have probably understood by now that it’s essential to have one positive person as a leader with a strong motivational voice to lead the world out of this epidemic. Dr. Fauci and Tedros Ghebreyesus are really able men, but they lack leadership, positivity, and charisma. The world doesn’t need more pessimist pieces of advice. The world needs hope, optimism, and happiness

Social distancing

To illustrate social distancing.

Social distancing and lockdown are dictating your social interactions in the present moment. For sure, it’s constraining. But hey, on the bright-side you don’t need any more improbable excuses to avoid meeting people you don’t like, or parties or events where you don’t want to go, “No, sorry, Quarantine.”

Well, for the persons you do want to meet, be grateful, you can use applications like Zoom. How fun is this app? You can attend a work meeting with your cat on your lap in the comfort of your own home without worrying about catching any viruses. You don’t need your full afternoon for the parent-teacher conference, 10 min to hear that the sky is the limit for your children, and that’s it.

Time to reinvent yourself

Like everybody else during those last few months, you felt the chill when you realized that you’re at risk to be made redundant in your current job. This wake-up call has been blessings in disguise, be honest, without the outbreak, what are the chances you would have decided to learn new skills, reinvent yourself, and change your life? The number of new users on Udemy and Upwork speaks for itself.

Reinventing yourself. an other positive things about Covid19.

With the lockdown, many of you discovered how deep, powerful, and constructive your relationship with your spouse is. Right, many of you also found the contrary, but it’s probably for the best of your well-being. You can be sure that the hospitals will be busy, not with illnesses but with the covid babies.

Love one of the positive things of Covid19.

News channels and Social media

Little by little, you discovered that the real virus is not the Coronavirus but the News, often fake news. What renders this virus so infectious is social media. It’s the chaos theory to the extreme; the butterfly’s wing flapping in Japan provokes a typhoon instantly in Guatemala.

Illustrating chaos theory

Can you imagine what the present world would be if you would have had Facebook and Google in the past? Take the Tchernobyl disaster in 1986. Most probably, you would have ended up in a hazmat suit in underground bunkers for many years.

The thing to be thankful for is that the social media moguls realized the problem and are trying to find vaccines for this disease before it gets out of hand

More positive things about the Covid19 pandemic in the future

Children illustrating hope. Few positive things about Covid19.

Those few positive things about the Covid19 pandemic are just the start. Many, many more are coming. You can already feel around the world a shift to a positive mindset. Be sure that we will get out of it stronger, happier, and more united than ever.